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We All Want To Know How OTHER Massage Therapists Achieve Success... Tell Us How YOU Do It!
(One Entry each month will win a prize!) is a clearinghouse of
ideas, tips, strategies and resources for
Massage Therapists around the world.

We all want to hear Your story!

  • What Do You Do To Be Successful?
  • What Do You Do To Get New Clients?
  • What Have You Tried That Has Worked Well?
  • What Have You Done That Has Completely Bombed?

We are fast-becoming THE BUSINESS RESOURCE for MTs BY MTs and we all can learn from each other.  Fill us in on your success story. (It can be all about how you started through where you are today... Or it can be focused on just ONE aspect of your practice.)

Pick A Great Success Story to Share With Us!

We know there are many therapists who have good stories to share, we invite you to submit your well-written article. 
Be sure to include a short bio of your credentials (and a photo of yourself too if you want!) Please include your contact info or website so we can contact you and note to us if you want us to p[ost it so the public can reach you.
Submission Tips:

  • Articles should be the length of 500-1000 words, ready for print (spell checked, etc.)
  • No pdf files
  • You, the writer will retain copyright. However, we reserve the right to use your article, once it’s submitted to us, in other publications (i.e. books, content for other sites, reports etc.) without your express permission.
  • We reserve the right to edit for clarity and content.

Email your articles to (support (@) in the body of an email.

We can't wait to read your personal story on how you have made it to
where you are today!

The story of your journey can help other massage therapists
around the world be more successful.

Your Story Will:


By submitting your article(s) you’ll help others PLUS
get some great, free publicity!

(Once we receive submissions they will be listed below. Monthly prizes will be announced)