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Follow-Up Email To Send Clients

Ever have clients who see you for a few sessions and then they 'disappear"?

You're not sure if they 'got better' so they don't need you anymore, or if they left town, hated your work, or... who knows?

(Sometimes we even start to doubt our skills right? Wondering if maybe we've lost our touch and that is why they didn't come back in!)

But, have no fear, there is a simple way to Follow-Up with your past Clients after they have NOT been in for a while.

Sending them a simple email or calling them directly is the way to reach out to them or to re-connect
with them
without being pushy or "naggy".

Reconnecting with past clients is extremely helpful for 3 reasons:

  1. You establish a solid concern for your client's well-being, wanting to be sure they are doing well, and if not, offering a way to help them regain their wellness.
  2. You find out if, in fact there were any complaints, or problems they encountered on their last visit to you, so you can correct it, or at least know about it.
  3. You are able to get them to come back in to begin therapy with you again, if that is needed.

(You can see the actual email below that our founder, Irene Diamond sent to one of her past clients.)

If you make a phone call to them, the wording is pretty much the same as in the email.

To Be Most Effective, Include These Details In Your Email or Phone call:

  1. Give them  a date of their last session with you, because as you know time flies, and they may not recognize so much time has passed.
  2. keep the message short -- just a few sentences.
  3. Write it in the context that you assume they have not been back because they are now 100% and have not needed your services. (This is a little reverse psychology, and allows them to graciously state that they do need you again.)
  4. Give them the opportunity to speak with you over the phone or to come in, so they don't need to commit time and/or money to reconnect with you, because you really do want to know how they are, so will not charge them just to have a chat over the phone.


Diamond Tip:
One of my success strategies I suggest you implement BEFORE you need to follow up with the client is:

To make it easy for you,  in fact you should ASK them if you may follow up with them later
to see how they are doing!

I know, simple, right??

But it is truly an easy way to get permission in advance to contact them, so when you do call them a week, month or year later, they knew that you were going to call or email them to see how they are doing and they won't feel as though you are stocking them.

Simple Script:

"Mary, I always like to keep tabs on how my past clients are doing once we finish therapy. Would it be ok for me to call you a few months from now to check in and see how you're progressing?"

I have found when I say this to them, they are actually very impressed that I care that much (rather than offended) so they appreciate that I want to follow up with them. 100% of the time they say yes to that.


Have Fun with this, and let us know by posting your comments below one of these 3 things:
#1. Have you made follow up calls to past clients and if so how did they go for you?

#2. If you Have NOT made follow up calls to past clients why have you not?

#1. Have you found any other really successful methods or words to use to make your follow up calls to past clients?