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Increase Your Massage Therapy Business with A Single Letter
by Success Expert, Amy Roberts

Increase Your Massage Therapy Business with A Single Letter

How you increase your massage therapy business and possibly get more massage clients, will depend greatly on your ability to communicate with your past clients.

Whether you are creating new massage therapy advertisements or improving old massage therapy flyers, your communication comes from a place of being confident with yourself and confident that you can indeed help them.

The Problem:
Anytime you start a brand new regime of massage therapy advertising you'll come across wondering what words to say, how to express yourself in tone, and what layout is best. It can take a long time to master the art of writing for your massage therapy business, and sometimes we don't always have the money to do this. Catch 22…

Instead of expensive ads in the paper or incurring a big printing cost for your massage flyers, why not try a direct mail letter sent out to your clients who you have not seen in a while?

The Single Letter:

Writing a letter to your past clients can work a treat in any massage therapy business because it's just a letter from one person (you) to another (your client). And this can work especially well during a down turned economy.

What tends to happen to massage therapists when things go a little quiet is that the number of new clients coming to the clinic slows down, but the regular clients stay. If your massage therapy business is made up of around 25% new clients, then that means you may experience a 25% drop in business.

"The key to successfully marketing a massage therapy business is
getting the response you want."

The Goal of Marketing through a NEW Campaign:
And for any NEW marketing campaign it solely depends on getting clients to you who have never been to you before.

The Goal of Marketing to your Existing Clients:
However this direct marketing is marketing to people who have already been to see you, who already like massage and have already paid money to be massaged by you. Where else can you get a group of people like that?

Don't Create A Whole New Marketing Piece
If you want to save some money, instead of spending hours and hours at the computer typing up brand new massage therapy flyers, just draft up a letter to one client that you haven't seen for 6 months.

Then, make a list of all the clients you have not seen for 6 months. Take the same letter and mail it out to everyone else who you haven't seen for about the same length of time. Why the one letter to all? Well, simple. You want to say the same thing to everyone you haven't seen for 6 months. Your message will be the same to one of these clients as for the rest on that list.
(And once you have created the initial letter, you won't have to worry about what to write.)

Any time you want to start advertising your massage therapy business more, and save money try this marketing technique.

It will increase your massage therapist salary and you may even get more referrals from your past clients who come back and see you.